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Seeing is believing - enter the world of digital signage

People believe in what they can see and touch. A real hands-on experience is one of the major criteria for a purchase decision. Enrich your experience and your success with NEC!

Knowledge is power. Empower your team with the familiarity of use and awareness of functionality; enable them to professionally demonstrate the products and assist your customers with confidence. Showcase the capabilities and benefits of the 6th generation of NEC’s E Series, entry level large format displays for professional signage. Simplify your customers’ daily lives with embedded media playback and auto start function. Reliability and longevity is what NEC’s best in class visual experiences stand for. Meet highest quality demands with solutions from NEC!

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Verslag Business Solutions Event - 11 april 2017 - Vianen

Business Solutions Event - Vianen

Efficiënter en productiever (samen)werken in zakelijke omgevingen

Verslag Business Solutions Event - 11 april 2017 - Vianen
Het Business Solutions Event in Vianen bood een moment van inspiratie, visie én training voor de talrijke deelnemers. De voormiddagsessie werd volledig ingevuld door de training van NEC Display Solutions omtrent installatieprojectoren. 's Namiddags konden dealers en eindklanten vrij komen aanlopen voor een informatiesessie over de nieuwste zakelijke oplossingen van i3-Technologies. De focus van i3-Technologies ligt op gebruiksgemak. Dat resulteert in oplossingen zoals de i3HUDDLE, i3SYNC Touch en de interactieve flipchart, i3SNAP Board.

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Uitnodiging - Business Solutions Event

Nice meeting you!


We are looking forward to meet you at our Business Solutions Event. We organise these days in The Netherlands and in Belgium.
i3-DISTRIBUTION organizing in collaboration with i3-TECHNOLOGIES and NEC Display Solutions.
From 08h30 to 17h00 at Van der Valk Hotel, Vianen, The Netherlands (11/04/17) or Felix Pakhuis Antwerp, Belgium (20/04/17).

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Launch Offer* - i3SYNC Touch FHD 3.0 - March, 2017

LaunchOffer - i3SYNC Touch FHD 3.0

World's first wireless touch solution!

i3SYNC Touch 002
Sharing a presentation on the big screen seems easy enough, but in practice it’s often not easy. If you have managed to set up a connection, it doesn’t mean you’re there, because you still have to find the appropriate screen resolution. Fortunately, you can use this wireless touch solution to avoid this chaotic state. It’s simply a matter of connecting a transmitter and receiver.

Download the product sheet (PDF-file).

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